youth program

It would be nice if we could protect our teens from everything that life throws at them, but we can’t.

The best thing we can do is make them strong.

By giving your teen the opportunity to work with a coach 1-on-1, your teen will develop not only better fitness or performance in sport, but also qualities like trust, self-accountability, and confidence, unlike anything we’ve seen elsewhere.

Coach Joel is a seasoned teacher and coach, as well as a lifelong athlete, who uses age-appropriate skills and challenges to grow your youth’s fitness or performance in sport. This program is customized to your and your teen’s goals and the equipment available to them at home or school.

By using a combination of calisthenics, running, jumping, throwing, carrying, pushing, pulling, climbing and lifting we get your teen to achieve greater levels of fitness and performance, as well as a lifelong love for movement.



Your teen will develop movement patterns that will make them less likely to get injured in sports.


Our coaching helps kids develop an exercise routine that they can stick to for a lifetime.


Personalized coaching can give your teen the fundamental skills required to excel at the sport of their choice.


Our kids develop self-accountability and confidence, which makes them less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression.

Invest In Your Youth

Chat with a coach about how Shores Fitness & Nutrition can help you achieve your goals.