Why Warm Up?

We went a lot of years diving right into workouts without warm up or prep for our bodies. Lots of excuses worked – time, youth, necessity – but we learned over time that if the point of exercise was to build our bodies, rather than break them, we needed to prime them for their best effort.

We incorporate warm ups into every one of our Shores’ athletes workout days. For approximately 10 minutes, depending on workout length, each person prepares their body to exercise safely by:

  • Gradually increasing body temperature
  • Increasing blood flow to muscles and joints
  • Improving their range of motion
  • Decreasing tension due to prior work or soreness
  • Lessening the likelihood of strain and injury

We write warm ups specific to the needs of our athletes, but if you are exercising on your own and wondering how best to prepare your body for intensity, we recommend the CrossFit standard warm up written by Coach Glassman in the 2003 article, “A Better Warmup.”

Glassman recommended that this warm up be “challenging, but nut unduly taxing, “last no longer than 15 minutes, and incorporate these movements:

Like any good workout, these movements are entirely scalable based on your level of fitness and you should be working at an intensity that leaves you mildly taxed, but ready for more.

We love how much better we feel and perform when we take the time to warm up and prepare for more intense periods of exercise. You will too! For warm ups and workouts written just for your space, lifestyle, and time, join our Online Training program. Book a time to learn more and make a plan by clicking here.

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