Why Accountability?

You’ve got the home gym, the vegetable garden, the free weights, and the time (one less Netflix show’s worth, at least), so why is it so hard to motivate yourself to get up and make a change? How is it possible to have all the tools and still lack motivation? Because accountability matters. 

Setting and reaching goals is never easy, but having a person or people that know those goals and are committed to cheering you on really lightens the load. So what does accountability look like and why does it matter to your health and fitness journey?

1. Responsibility – Having accountability means that you owned up to what you want and said it out loud. You admitted to another human that the status quo is not okay for you and that you were going to make a change. You took responsibility for choices you make that can be healthier and lead to a better, happier you. 

2. Establishing your value – Helping hold someone accountable for his or her goals takes time and care. If someone has committed to coaching you and holding you accountable for bettering yourself, that should affirm how valuable you are. That value is why you are going to work hard, get healthier, and improve your life – you’re worth it. 

3. Support – Seeking accountability means admitting that while you know changes need to be made, you also know that going it alone will probably end in disappointment. Developing a support system of one or more than one person who can lovingly, but firmly remind you of your goals and your why when you are tempted to quit makes it much more likely that you’ll get back on track even after a tough day. 

4. Achievement – You are much more likely to celebrate the achievement of your goals (or every small victory on the way there) with accountability than without it. Personality aside, we tend to overlook our own successes. So when there are people around to notice each step, achievement, and victory, they will cheer for you even when you forget to! You’ll be encouraged and celebrated, and it’s more likely that you will keep showing up for yourself. 

Coaching and accountability are essential to lifestyle changes, big and small. If someone is willing to stick with you and help you make better choices, be encouraged! It means that you are worth the time and energy they’ll invest. Remember to invest in your own journey by finding people to hold you up, even when it’s challenging.