What Fitness Is Functional For You?

Functional fitness has become a buzzword in the exercise world over the last couple of years. We love the acknowledgment that fitness is meant to be purposeful. We also agree that being fit allows you to live your life more fully – doing the things you enjoy with the people you enjoy. With a world full of exercise and ways you can pursue fitness, though, it’s important to know what kind of fitness is functional for you.

At Shores Fitness & Nutrition, understanding the function of fitness is how we help our athletes set goals, celebrate progress, and stay focused on what’s important.

Here’s an idea of the types of functional goals our Shores members are working toward:

  • getting down to and up off of the ground for gardening
  • quicker completion of physically laborious jobs
  • keeping up with kids
  • living without knee pain
  • being on your feet all day with less back pain
  • reaching a comfortable bodyweight

What’s functional for you?

What’s great about the functional fitness methodology is that people get to decide on the types of exercise and outcomes actually benefit their lives. Exercise becomes less about punishment or unattainable standards. Instead, it focuses on the type of life we all what to achieve an the level of health we need to live it.

So, in that search, ask yourself…

  • What do I want to do with my body?
  • What needs to change about the way I feel or behave right now?
  • How much and what kinds of movement will get me there?

How can Shores help?

When any new member starts with us “here” at Shores, we always start with a chat about goals. Then, we repeat that conversation every 90 days while members train with us. We do that to ensure that we are on the same page about how exercise is benefiting them. We also want to know if we’re still moving them in the direction of their goals.

These conversations also give us the opportunity to pause and reflect when a member is frustrated that they can’t run as fast as their neighbor. When can then remind them that, last month, they could barely keep up with their toddling grandchild. *queue celebration*

It’s easy to be distracted and discouraged on the path to better health. Knowing just what kind of fitness routine is actually functional for you can help you stay on track. In addition to that, having coaches that can help you stay focused and write workouts with functional movements and modifications for you will get you where you want to go even faster.

Book a call with us via this link and let’s talk about what you want to accomplish with your fitness, and make a plan for getting you there.