What Do We Offer?

Time are changing, and so are we.

When we opened our facility this time last year, the world was quite different than it stands today. We didn’t think about working out next to other people, we had few concerns about shared space and shared equipment, and fitness businesses like us never fathomed that we would need to reimagine our way of serving communities so suddenly or so permanently. 

When March came we hoped to be back to doing things the “usual” way in a matter of weeks or months, but as closures continued we began to rethink our approach for the long term and ask ourselves,

“How can we best help motivated people to gain and maintain their health despite external circumstances?” 

We knew we wanted to make fitness plans as anti-fragile as we wanted our athlete’s health to be – especially as it became abundantly clear that resilience and good foundations of health would be essential not only for overcoming viruses like COVID-19, but also the mental and physical stress that this year has brought for so many. 

So we changed our approach, and it’s taken a few months for us to nail down exactly what that looks like, who we want to work with, and how we want to communicate that. So please pardon our times of silence, but know that we are still here, still coaching, still serving, still driving our people toward better health and a better quality of life because of it. 

What do we do now? Shores Fitness & Nutrition has three main services focused on helping motivated (and busy) people to stay moving, eating, sleeping and managing their stress well – so they can focus on doing what they need to do and what they love to do.

Online Coaching

As Shores continues to grow in its new form,

our vision is to serve people anywhere they may be or go

. We do that through Online Coaching, which harnesses the power of technology to deliver world-class and customized coaching anywhere on the globe. A simple, user-friendly, and powerful app keeps us in consistent contact with our athletes. It delivers daily workouts, customized coaching videos, and a movement library full of video tutorials. It also helps us keep track of data related to their progress and communicate with them with ease. This is no follow-along exercise video, my friends. This is YOUR coach with a focus on YOUR goals, in YOUR pocket. 

It is absolutely incredible the results we have seen from our athletes working out at home, with limited equipment, and busy families and schedules. Why does it work for them? Less time away from their responsibilities, no planning on their parts, and focused sessions that drive them toward health without wasted time and effort. It’s efficient, it’s effective, and it’s personal. 

Personal Training

For some, the best use of their time is working with one of us directly for all or some of their weekly workouts.

All they need to do is show up – virtually or in person – ready to work. We plan, coach in live time, and give feedback and movement correction.

Personal training is great for people who need or want that extra push during their workouts, people overcoming pain and injury, and those who are new to fitness and feel more comfortable with a constant coach’s eye. 

We love working with our athletes in live-time, even if its just once a week while they do the rest of their workouts at home via Online Coaching. It’s a great chance to check-in, assess movements, and keep them moving toward their goals as steadily and quickly as possible. 

Nutrition Coaching

So many of the decisions we make in a day revolve around what to eat, when to eat, who to eat with, and what constitutes “good for me” anyway?

Nutrition coaching starts with understanding your own choices and why you make them and then focuses on making and breaking food habits that will help make better choices simpler.

You are equipped with the tools and knowledge to use food as a means of pursuing health and happiness and your plan is customized based on your needs, preferences, and lifestyle.  

These services are based on what we know helps people the most: 

  • Guidance

    – People are too often paralyzed by not knowing what to do.

    We’ll tell you. 

  • Accountability

    – People are sidetracked by feelings, events, and excuses.

    We’ll keep you focused while respecting life’s hills and valleys.

  • Accessibility

    – Your workouts should actually work for you. Fitness and convenience are not mutually exclusive.

    We’ll make sure your workouts are things you can do wherever you are with whatever you have

If you have more questions about what we do or how we can help you identify and reach your fitness goals, email us at info@shoresfitness.com or use the form below. We can’t wait to work with you!