What are the most underrated fitness tips?

The Internet is full of ideas for how to “get fit now” or “lose weight fast.” We hear some of them over and over again, and many contradict each other! Well, CrossFit Lambton Shores is here to keep fitness simple and fun, so this is a list of our (super simple) most underrated fitness tips. 

  1. Consistency:

    Whatever you are doing for fitness, it should be executed at a level that allows you to go back the next day and the next. The idea of working yourself to a point of such soreness that you have to take days or weeks away to recover is crazy-talk! Moving consistently is key, but…

  2. Routine is the enemy:

    Challenge your body by introducing new movements, intensities, distances, and modalities. Do you usually pick cardio? Incorporate weights into your routine a few days a week. You’ll be amazed at what stronger leg muscles can do for your endurance.

  3. Celebrate every victory:

    We tend to get way too caught up in the guy or gal next to us and forget to celebrate personal victories! Did you run for 2 minutes today, when last week you needed a walk break? AMAZING. Celebrate it! (We’ll do this each Friday at CFLS through Bright Spots).

  4. Have fun:

    Yes, exercise needs a level of difficulty in order to make your body stronger and more capable. Just because it’s challenging, though, doesn’t mean you need to dread it. Find an exercise type and routine that you look forward to. We’ve learned that a lot of the fun comes from the people you work out with. Which leads us to…

  5. Community:

    Running clubs, group classes, sports teams, etc. Having people who know and support your goals is a huge part of committing yourself, showing up, and enjoying your journey to fitness. 

Take these tips and run with them! Pun intended.