Thrive Through the Holidays

Do you make plans for January hoping to “just get through” the month of December? You aren’t alone. We all do it. We delay, we excuse, and we list our reasons to put our health and self-care last for just a little bit longer. But the fact is, excuses, no matter how legitimate, tend to take over until weeks become months that become years. 

So how can you care for yourself physically and emotionally this month and thrive even when schedules are crazy busy?

1. Plan ahead.

If you are going to carve out 3 trips to gym a week, a quiet walk, time to read, or dinner with friends, don’t assume it’s just going to “happen.” It won’t. Plan it, put it in your calendar, tell everyone who needs to buy-in in order to make it happen, and then commit. Whatever your version of you-time is, you need it, especially during a season of doing lots of things for others either because you have to (i.e. the office Christmas party) or want to.

You are important, so are the things that fill you up and make you better

– carve out room for them this month. 

2. Stay steady.

If you are already exercising and eating well, this is not the month to throw it all away in the name of Christmas cookies. Enjoy yourself! Have the cookie, drink the glass of wine at dinner, or whatever it is, but you don’t have to do it every day and a few big meals don’t need to equal an entire week of over-eating.

Steady wins this month

; give your body what it needs to feel good in both food and movement. 

3. Keep it simple.

You don’t have to know me long to know that I’m a minimalist. So while I won’t push you to my level of extremism, I’ll encourage you to remember that more is not always better, especially in December. You can have friends over and enjoy their company with simple foods and drinks instead of a golden turkey and 4 courses. Your kids will love your for a few gifts (think experiences) that last, rather than 50 things they’ll lose by New Year. You will also spend less time shopping and stressing and yelling, and

you’ll actually enjoy your family and friends

because you aren’t so worried about impressing them. 

4. Eat well.

I am not just saying that because we think nutrition is the foundation of good fitness. You really do feel better when you eat real food that energizes you and cut down on the sugar (*cough* there is sugar in alcohol *cough*). Less bloat means those party clothes slide on easier. Generally, you’ll have more energy and feel more confident. If you start no new habits this month except one,

each vegetables and fruit at every meal and save the sweets for special occasions. 

Do more than survive December, friends!

It’s a precious month that is really about caring for others and giving selflessly. You will do both of those things better if you take some time to take care of yourself.