Short & Long-Term Stress Management

Managing stress and living well.

Parts of our wellness are not islands!

People with healthful stress management tools typically make better choices for their bodies, minds, and relationships.

Adversely, when we avoid dealing with stress or choose unhealthy coping mechanisms, we can do harm to our body, our psyche, and those around us. 

Stress needs to be dealt with in both the short and the long-terms. 

Sometimes, we simply need to distract ourselves to realize that what we are worried about isn’t really worth the energy. Other times, we need to use tools to help us calm down long enough to assess our long-term approach or if we need help solving the problem. In the long-term, we may need to speak to a specialist to help us manage stress and its causes. That could be a mental health professional, a health coach, or a person in a niche area that can help alleviate the specific cause of your stress (like organization or time management). If you are experiencing physical and mental symptoms of burnout, you may need an extended period of rest to recharge and recover. 

The diagram below can help you pinpoint some short and long term tools for managing stress.

We all experience both positive and negative stressors nearly every day of our lives. Life isn’t about avoiding the possibility of stress, it is about coping in such a way that you can grow, thrive, and improve your health and relationships. 

Mindset coaching is a big part of how we help our athletes improve their health and their lives. Your health and fitness goals are even closer to being achieved with a coach whose help goes beyond the physical. Reach out to us via the form below to find out more about how health coaching can get you on the road to happy & healthy.