path to fitness options

Pick-Your-Path Coaching Options

wellness coaching only

How do I know if wellness coaching is the best path for me?

If you have a workout plan you already love, but have other elements of fitness to work on to pursue better health.
Injury or illness may prevent your from participating in rigorous exercise, but you can use other avenues to leave sickness behind you.
If you’re ready to quit restrictive eating plans, fad diets, and shame-based schemes and work toward health in a way that actually enriches your life.
at-home fitness coaching only

How do I know if at-home fitness coaching is the best path for me?

You have tried many plans or styles of workouts, but none of them were individually customized for your needs, goals, and lifestyle.
We adapt our workouts for bodyweight, minimal, and full-equipment set ups, so our at-home fitness coaching will work for you if need great workouts that are varied and effective, and require little or no equipment.
If you will benefit from a personal coach who takes the time to know you and your goals, prepare your workouts, deliver them with instructions, and check in with you to make sure you are progressing.

How do I know if both wellness & at-home fitness coaching are the best path for me?

If you are ready to make real and effective change in your health habits across the board – sleeping, eating, moving, and managing stress often and well.
This path will optimize the results you can achieve in 6 weeks – so this is for you if you are looking to committee and celebrate your victories.
You are ready to develop habits for fitness that will give you lasting results and a healthier life with more energy to live it.

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