Owen’s Story: For Love of Sports

With a background in and love for athletics, Owen saw CrossFit as an opportunity to increase his cardio-metabolic conditioning and get stronger. Though he loves sports and the positive results of exercise, Owen says, “I was never one to train consistently. I would do like two weeks and feel great, notice very small changes, and then want to take a break.” From videos and documentaries, Owen knew that CrossFit can be treated as the perfect blend of sport and fitness, and was excited to give the workout style a try when he found us in December. 

Like the rest of our athletes, Owen has been training at home since March. He follows our programming and receives customized coaching on how to approach his workouts. In our opinion, he has handled the challenge of not having a place to


and workout with spectacular ease and commitment. We asked Owen how he’s managed to work so well through the change, and he answered, ”

Just stay as consistent as you can.

Once you get into a rhythm it makes it so much easier that eventually you crave the workout, and when you’re not doing it it feels as though something’s missing.” 

Owen also found it easier to stick with his routine once he carved out a workout space at home. “At first it was tough because, obviously, it wasn’t the usual gym session…but

creating the right mind set and setting helped very much


We love Owen’s wisdom there. We have breakfast nooks and reading corners. Why not a dedicated space to move and pursue health at home? (It doesn’t have to be too large a space, either! 4×8 feet is more than enough to do a burpee without kicking over a plant or stepping on the dog.)

Recently, and while at-home,

Owen reached his weight loss goal

! We were so impressed with his habits and choices, we had to know, “What do you think is the #1 thing that made a difference in you changing your health?” (and we assured him that “Joel and Laura” did not have to be the answer).  Owen says, ”

The #1 thing for me was


. There are days where I’m just dead and I don’t feel like working out, but I take that chance go to the gym (pre-March) or get that text from Joel and Laura (now) and I know that the next day I’ll be happy I did it.” 

Where does that accountability and progress get him? Owen has not only reached his weight loss goal and seen an improvement in his fitness overall, he says, “I’ve seen all these people on TV and social media who are CrossFit athletes and they are at-least 2x size of me, doing crazy exercises like the overhead squat.

I never in my life  thought I’d be strong or flexible enough to do that, but with what I’ve learned from Joel and Laura and my own accountability, I can say that I can do a basic overhead squat easy-peasy now

.” (see photo!) Fit to fitter and with technical movements as a new goal? Incredible. 

Now, Owen is looking to stay on his path, continuing to to get stronger and use CrossFit as training for the sports he plays throughout the year. Nothing is more functional as using fitness as a means to keep doing what you enjoy. If it’s gardening, playing with kids, or sports like Owen,

your workouts should help you move toward doing more of what you love and living happier and healthier

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