Member Highlight: Owen

Working…working from home…commuting…job changes…oh my. Owen has been through a number of changes over the last year, but can you guess the constant?

His motivation to keep working out at home and to stay connect with his coach through virtual Personal Training to make sure he was on track.

Joel has been excited to see how much stronger and more capable Owen has become over the last year, but it’s always great to hear our members sing their own praises as well! Owen says the he always used to hate rest periods in workouts because it never felt like enough. Recovery was slow and frustrating. With time and consistency, though, Owen now recovers faster, pushes harder, and can make the most of his workout times.

Don’t you want to get the best possible results in the least amount of time, too? If time constraints keep you from pursuing fitness, let Owen’s story inspire you that it’s possible to make process. Great progress!

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