Member Highlight: Charles

Charles started with us in personal training and group classes just over one year ago. He was ready to make changes in his health and fitness to make sure he could be a part of his active family – not just keeping up, but leading the charge toward family time and adventure. We couldn’t be more impressed. 

One year of consistency in making healthy choices does not come without it’s hurdles (hello pandemic and a transition to working out at home) and moments lacking motivation, but what we see in Charlies is this – he’s willing to get the work done no matter what, he fits healthier choices into his every day life and includes his amazing family, he trusts his coach and the process. 

Charles didn’t go looking for immediate results last year, but he got them pretty quickly anyway. And with commitment he has kept rolling toward life-long health and tons of energy to enjoy all of the fun that life has to offer.

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