Meet Coach Laura

Have you met Shores’ second in command and Nutrition Coach, Laura?

Laura’s athletic history could not run more opposite to Joel’s. A bookworm with little coordination, she never thought that day would come when fitness was an essential component of her life, let alone something that made her feel confident, resilient, and equipped.

After beginning CrossFit in 2008, though, she realized that progress was possible and, more than that, it was actually fun! For Laura, fitness isn’t just about strength and weight loss, it’s about chasing down her boys in a soccer game, keeping pace during long family hikes and bike rides, and the ability to get up and do it all again the next day.

Being a fit, active, and confident mom and wife is worth the work and self-discipline it request to set some time aside each day for herself and her clients, with whom she works toward both fitness and nutrition goals.

Laura continues to learn and become a more excellent Nutrition Coach for our clients. She is in pursuit of a Certification in Food, Nutrition, and Health and uses habits-based coaching techniques to ensure clients change their behaviors for the better and for life.

If fitness for a full and busy life is what you’re looking for, Laura can help! Book a time to chat and make a plan by clicking here.