Meet Coach Joel

Have you met Shores’ Owner and Head Coach, Joel?

Joel is a lifelong athlete who turned his passion for sport into a degree in kinesiology and a career in physical education and athletic administration following university. He found CrossFit in 2008 and knew very quickly that it was an excellent tool for positively impacting the health and wellness of both kids and adults.

For the last 12 years, Joel has found ways to turn kids into lifelong lovers of movement and helped adults to believe that their best days aren’t behind them. Joel left full-time education in 2018 to turn his complete attention to coaching. He loves training motivated and hard-working people who are looking for a solid plan to make sure good health makes their lives more fulfilling and enriched.

Working with Joel means:
✔️ professional planning of workouts at your level
✔️ a knowledgeable and attentive eye on your progress
✔️ data-driven feedback
✔️ having a motivating coach who can adapt with your life

Ready to get started and work with Joel toward your health, fitness, and happiness? Book a free intro call to get started.