Learning New Tricks: Why Practice Fitness Skills?

As you’ve grown and aged, we bet you stopped doing certain activities that you once bounced around the yard doing as a kid. When was the last time you supported your body weight with your hands, hung from a bar or tree, climbed, or jumped? I bet the thought, “No way! I’m too old!” crossed your mind somewhere in there. Try this one then…went from sitting on the ground to standing upright with no external assistance.

Modern civilization has taught us that while kids run, jump, flip, and climb, adults largely settle for…sitting. Or perhaps a brisk walk here and there. Mostly, though, our culture accepts that your best and most movement-functional days were left in childhood while adulthood equates to aches and pains, uncomfortable weight gain, and the potential for embarrassment or harm if you dare your body to try something new.

We reject that notion.

In the spirit of, “your best days aren’t behind you,” our athletes’ coaching sessions typically include about 12-minutes of focus on methodically developing various skills. Those skills are essential tools for building muscle and strength that will transfer to other exercises. A great many of these skill sessions are intended to improve core strength as obliques, lower back, and spinal stabilizers all come into play when you move and stabilize your own body weight.

There is a mental side to picking a skill you always wished you could do and spending time focusing on it as a goal, too! Learning to do a plank, handstand, or jump rope can be frustrating or intimidating. It can be easy to step away when progress doesn’t seem to be coming fast enough. There is so much excitement, though, when you can do something for the first time in a long time (or ever), and when you built that skill over weeks or months until you accomplished it.

How can you learn something new?

Thinking of something you always wished you could do or do again? Start training with us! We will provide you with a step-by-step plan and professional coaching to build the movement pattern, strength, and confidence that you need to have something to celebrate. Book a time to chat and tell us all about it here.