Jeremy’s Story: In Pursuit of Health

Jeremy joined our fitness family AFTER the onset of COVID-19 and subsequent closure of our building. He found us through his soon-to-be wife who, by his own words, “had fallen in love with having goals to achieve and consistently crushing them” (she really is).  Jeremy was, admittedly, hesitant to join, as he has “tried many times to be healthy and active on [his] own and it never lasted.” In the end, Jeremy joined us “because it [offers] someone to make [him] accountable to and motivate and push [him] to hit that next goal.”

Accountability and motivation are two things Jeremy has proven to be very open to over the last 4 weeks. He is in consistent contact with Joel, his coach, and super open to feedback and accountability – though he has proven to rarely need the extra push so far. Jeremy works a job with, often, long days and odd hours. He fits his workouts in first thing in the morning as often as possible, and after work when he can’t avoid it. 

You might be wondering why Jeremy opted to start a health regimen in the midst of so much upheaval instead of waiting until it was over. He says, “Aside from the obvious pandemic situation that means I can’t enter a gym in person, remote coaching works for me because I think if I were encouraged to join the gym and go in person when I started a month ago, I probably wouldn’t have done it. My self-confidence is low and I would much rather have someone push me through an app, lose that initial 50 pounds and get a lot more healthy. Then, go in person to the gym because I would feel better about doing that in front of everyone.” 

Jeremy’s feelings probably resonate with many of us. For as many people as we have who come to our facility for the community aspect, we have just as many avoid it because group fitness is a huge detractor from their motivation for good health. Remote coaching offers Jeremy the best of both – consistent and individual coach contact to drive him, privacy to settle him into routine, and a larger community that encourages each other through a private Facebook group and lots of memes. 

As health coaches we recognize that lifestyle changes that result in better health and lower risk for disease is a long-game. Change doesn’t happen overnight. After 4 weeks, though, it was still worth asking Jeremy, “How has your fitness and general wellness improved so far?” He says: 

I started the remote coaching a month ago. I was, and still am overweight, but so far I have lost 10 pounds. I have felt muscles I have never worked before. There is also a focus on food, which I have done myself before but never stuck with it. I have a calorie limit each day and I try very hard to eat healthy and stay under my calorie limit and hit my carbohydrate, protein and fat goals. I feel better on a daily basis with energy. I was having horrible heart burn daily, it didn’t matter what I ate, that went on for months. Since I joined [CFLS] I haven’t had any heart burn issues, likely due to a combination of what I am eating and working out often.

Changes in movement, nutrition, mindset, and coaching over what have arguably been 4 of the most stressful weeks in most of our lives, and those are the improvements Jeremy is already seeing in his wellness – amazing! 

Jeremy’s lifestyle changes over the last month have not been just about “working out,” they are about replacing unhelpful habits with ones that drive him toward better health and a better life. He has done so well embracing this new part of his wellness journey and we are excited for what is to come!


If you can benefit from remote health coaching to get or stay on your own road to wellness, contact us! Jeremy has proven that good things can happen at home, and putting off your health for the future isn’t necessary!