“I Should Be Able to Do This On My Own”

When it comes to working out, especially at home, I sometimes hear people say, “I should be able to do this on my own.” On the surface t

hat makes sense, we all should be able to motivate ourselves, but the question I end up asking in my head (and usually out loud to Laura) is,

“Then why haven’t you?”


For most of us, it’s because we need a coach. Maybe we don’t think we do because we aren’t clear on what that actually is. A coach is:

– Someone who understands your “why” and

 helps you set goals (they listen and act)

– Someone who can actually help you by teaching you and helping you improve (they are qualified)

– Someone who motivates, encourages, drives, and inspires (different ways for different days)

Coaching can happen in basically any area of life – business, the arts, finances, and fitness! When we are ready to pursue something successfully, we need someone who will teach us, keep us accountable, and drive us toward our potential. 

For many, fitness and exercise is something they know about, but aren’t exactly passionate about. It’s checking off a box or just getting it done. But if you know that exercise should be a regular part of a healthy life, shouldn’t you…enjoy it?! I know. Enjoy exercise, who’d have thought! But the outside voice off a coach also has the potential to help you lighten up, find the fun, and mix both work and play so that this daily routine doesn’t have to be drudgery.  

There is no better time to focus on developing a strong body with resilient systems. You will accomplish those results faster and with a lot less frustration with a coach – simple as that. Work with someone who knows how to get you there and can particularly motivate you! We would love you talk with you more about having a coach right at home with you thanks to online training. It’s like a personal trainer in your pocket : ) You can’t beat that! Use the form below to reach out and we’ll be in touch to schedule a time to call and hear more about your goals.