How to Set Goals (and Get There)

“Goals are dream with deadlines.”

I wanted to run a marathon. I’d never done that before and I’m not even quite sure why I wanted to except that several other members of my family were planning to run too. And it seemed like a great excuse to go to Disney World. 

Big ideas usually start like that. Something we see, something we want, or something we think we should do. 

So, I had a big idea, but how was I going to turn my meager athleticism into 26.2 miles of consistent movement? 

Goals. And not just goals – timelines, action steps, a PLAN.

If your dreams are going to become a reality, you usually have to do something about it. 

Action is the difference between a dream and a goal, and planning is essential as well. That’s why, when we listen to our athletes and their health goals, we also consider what we’ll be along the way. If they want to lift 100 pounds, we are first going to celebrate fantastic form and a 50 pound lift. 

When I wanted to prepare for a marathon, I celebrated an hour of constant running, 13 miles, and then 20 miles to prove to my body and my brain that I was ready for the challenge, and even though they weren’t the marathon itself, each of those training milestones mattered. 

Check points for progress keep us engaged whether we are writing a book, climbing a mountain, or losing 50 pounds. 

Big dreams and audacious goals are fantastic, but without manageable, actionable, and dated steps, we may get overwhelmed in the process. 

Whatever your goals are, use the guide below to help you set a big goal, consider the steps you’ll take to get there, and to remember to celebrate every success along the way.

Establishing your “what” and “why,” setting a deadline, deciding on action steps, and celebrating each checkpoint will help you stay focused and motivated when moving toward your goal. 

It can also help to keep your goal in front of you!

Make a timeline (or use our example


) to reach your ultimate goal with at least three checkpoints along the way. 

Goal setting and check-ins are essential to how we keep our athletes motivated and moving toward their health and fitness goals. If you need coaching that keeps your “what” and “why” at the forefront of everything you do, use the form below to contact us and set a free introductory Strategy Session. We can’t wait to hear from you!