How to Replace Sugar in Your Diet

Sugar shows up in shockingly high numbers in the average diet, but limiting* or eliminating refined sugar intake can

reduce your risk of disease and help you lose excess weight.

So where are the simplest areas to reduce your extra sugar intake?




over pop and sugary drinks. Your body needs it, you’ll feel better, and you’ll take in about 10 less teaspoons of sugar (per can).



fresh foods

over boxed and canned processed foods with added sugar. Meals should be mainly comprised of lean proteins and vegetables.


When you crave sweets,

make them at home

so you can control the amount of sugar added compared to store-bought.


Read your

food labels

. Sauces, dips, and other processed foods tend to have lots of added sugar. Look for “no sugar added” options or make them at home and skip the sugar.




. Intentionally reducing our sugar intake can be difficult at first and you may have some cravings. Choose tasty, in-season fruit instead of baked goods and other sweets. You’ll get a bit of those natural sugars and some micronutrients to boot!

*American Heart Association recommends 9 teaspoons for men and 6 for women per day.