How To: Pack a Healthy Lunch

If you pack a lunch for school or work each day – hooray! That’s already a huge step toward health (and being budget-friendly). 

It can be hard to know, though, what to pack and how to change it up. 

Here are some quick tips on what to pack for a healthy lunch:

1. Protein – bring some leftovers of last night’s chicken, canned fish like tuna, hard-boiled eggs, hummus, tofu, quinoa, cheese, or beans. So many choices to keep you full!

2. Carbs – don’t forget your veggies! Green beans or carrots can be dipped in hummus, tomatoes and cucumbers can be mixed with beans and quinoa for a yummy salad, or just throw some leafy greens under your tuna. Fruit also makes a great “dessert” – eat something naturally sweet and skip the cookies in the break room.

3. Fats – these often come from oil that we add to our foods (like salad dressing), but they can also be nuts and seeds that you eat on the side. Cheese can provide protein and fat, and I’m pretty sure avocado tastes good with everything.

4. Balance and variety – bringing just one sandwich can make your brain and tummy believe that you didn’t eat enough, so change it up! Bring a soup, veggies to crunch, and nuts to munch. Variety in taste and texture can help you feel more satisfied!

5. Bring enough! If you are packing a lunch, it’s pretty likely that you are under-eating, rather than over-eating at lunch. A small yogurt and some baby carrots won’t satisfy you, and you’ll be more likely to snack on unhealthy options or overeat later in the day. Bring enough to give you fullness and energy!

Eating well and feeling good doesn’t have to be complicated! Packing a healthy lunch saves money, boosts your energy, and helps you keep balance in your day.