How do you start something new?

Most things in life, the most worthwhile things, I’d argue, are a process. They aren’t one step and you’re done, and the steps to get to where you want to be may be hazy or elude you. So how do you start?

The answer is two-fold:

  1. You just do. 

    Nike has the corner on that market, don’t they? Just do it. 

    Start somewhere – whether it’s the most obvious place or the simplest. 

    Pick an action item. Want to drink more water? Go to the dollar store and buy a big ole’ bottle (then fill it and keep it with you). Want to move more? Set an alarm for a time you’d normally be watching TV or surfing social media, and go for a 20-minute walk instead. Want to have better relationships with your coworkers? Think of something that you value about them, anything, and write a thank-you note. The craziest thing about processes is that once you feel successful in one thing, it will motivate you to do the next thing!

  2. Do it with the right people. 

    Support, camaraderie, encouragement, and care – they are vital to the processes that better our lives. Who are the people that go for a walk at your office every day? Join them! (That gets you 2 of 3 goals mentioned above – nice.). Know someone who seems like they would be a great mentor in marriage, parenting, fitness, or life in general? Ask them for coffee and then ask them to mentor you. These people haven’t “arrived” and they don’t have a “perfect life,” but if they are on a path that you hope to walk, ask them to walk alongside! They’d probably love a teammate too.

There are so many steps to wellness, and you won’t do them all today and you 

won’t do them all perfectly. But that isn’t really the point, is it? Just pick one, and 

do it.