Hey There, Once-a-Traveler

You were always on the go. Now what?

I’m sure you have friends and family anxious to get back to normal with the school year, sports, and social commitments this fall. They are used to a pretty full schedule, but you…you aren’t even used to being in the same place this long. 

Is it weird right now with not traveling as much as you’re used to?


I’m sure it’s been nice in it’s own ways – experiencing local adventures or seeing family day-to-day – and great days have been had. But too much routine can feel just as exhausting as none at all when you aren’t used to it, I expect. 

What about fitness? Are you still working at it? I hope that this worldwide shutdown…and summer…and family vacations…and, and, and…hasn’t derailed you as it has seemed to for so many well-meaning others. I’ve always admired your commitment to staying fit and healthy whether at home or flying around the world.

It’s all about finding ways to fit intentional movement into a busy day. 

Easy to do; easy not to do. A

s simple as taking the stairs or parking at the back of the lot. But it can also be those quick workouts squeezed into the transitions of time and place. Traditional fitness told us we needed to waste so much time to check the box: prepping to go workout, commuting to the gym, working out, socializing, and looking like we knew what we were doing. Hours later we headed home with “go to the gym” off the list – and probably not much closer to our goals. What a time suck! 

I wish that more people would find the key that you have discovered in functional fitness.

Realizing that it can be done


 – with all the fancy equipment or with none at all – in only 20 minutes!

I just finished a workout like that and I am beat! 

I know you are craving life on the road, we get it, but keep at it despite the circumstances and stay consistent.

When you can finally get back on the road or in the air, you’re hearty immune system and increased health will be completely worth the diligence!

It’s not just the things that we do today that matter, but their compounding effect on our lives. You go this! 

If you need help planning and moving toward your fitness goals if you are on-the-go, currently grounded, or hoping to be somewhere else soon – we can help! A fit life goes WITH you, it doesn’t have to stay home while you travel for work or wait out a pandemic. For frequent travelers especially, there has never been a better time to make sure your body and immune system are strong and resilient. Use the form below to contact us so we can set up a time to chat.