Got Forgotten Equipment?

Your Home Gym Equipment is Calling You

Dumbbells under piles of shoes in closets. Treadmills acting as clothing racks. Barbells and plates in dusty basements. You may have some random weights that you snagged at a garage sale, a bench press set that you inherited from your dad, or a jump rope and yoga mat that you bought in the throes of a well-intentioned new year’s resolution. 

The more we work with people on their health, we find that most people don’t lack the tools to improve their fitness, they require the knowledge, motivation, and commitment to effect meaningful change. 

In the same way that that toolbox full of screwdrivers sits in your garage, but you still call a repairman when the washer breaks, a room full of workout equipment can’t automatically get you closer to your goals. Does that mean, then, that it deserves to be ignored? No way! 

So why have all this stuff if you can only find change inside the walls of a gym? 

If exercise only works when you can get out of your house and to a different place to workout, though, why do so many people have garage gyms, basement set-ups, and corners with weights? 

Because fitness is truly a “different strokes for different folks scenario.” We could even call it a different-approaches-for-different-seasons scenario. 

Maybe you always used to go to the gym first thing, but now your significant other also leaves early for work and you lack child care. Maybe you moved and access to town and facilities is too far to justify. Maybe you find that working out with other people leaves you competitive, comparative, and frustrated. For many, this just became a stay-at-home season that they can’t control the end date to. So how do we handle that?

Change can happen anywhere. In a gym, with a trainer, on a bike, in your living room. Strength and fitness can also happen with a lot less than you think. What matters is that you have help knowing how to make the most of your time and space, teaching to make sure you do exercise safely and well, and accountability to answer to so that you get and stay moving. 

Your Dusty Dumbbells Miss You

Start dates aren’t just for January and health isn’t just for swimsuit season. Now is a great time to start changing your health and your life. It doesn’t have to hold you back that gyms are closed and life is unpredictable – it means it’s a great time to show some love to those forgotten weights and discover how exercise can fit into your life, time, and space. 

We have worked out in our basement, garage, driveway, and kitchen (only space for jumping rope – I’m not lying). We can’t wait to help you dust off your forgotten goals (and equipment) and pursue health from anywhere.