Gift Guide for that CrossFitting Loved One

One of the things that we love about CrossFit is that, truly, you don’t need tons of equipment to put in the work and see the results. If you are attending CrossFit classes at CFLS or any other affiliate, then surely the large majority of what’s needed is provided (minus your shoes – BYOS). 

Alas, the deeper you or your loved one goes into the CrossFit lifestyle, a few equipment/accessory needs and wants tend to pop up. So, if you are looking to give a gift to a CrossFitting loved one this season, we have some ideas for you! We kept to the basics with our favorite top 5 things that we actually use on a regular after 11 years in the CrossFit world. They are listed, though, in no particular order. 

1. Wrist wraps – A little extra wrist support is great anytime your CrossFitter is putting weight overhead or leaning his/her hands. We love the

Rogue wraps

since, once you get the hang of them, they are easy to get on and can be tightened or loosened mid-WOD with very little time (compared to velcro, let’s say). They wash up great and ours have lasted through years and a great many workouts. 

2. Speed rope – Nothing makes you feel more like a veteran CrossFitter than pulling out your own jump rope when double unders show up in a workout (or singles, whatever). In classes, we tend to use speed ropes that function on ball bearing systems that allow for faster turns of the rope. Jump ropes come in all types and colors, but the

Rogue SR-1

is a pretty dependable one to start with. The longer handles are usually better for learning good control and the handles come in lots of fun colors! The length is adjustable, so include a note for your gift-receiver to ask his/her coach for helping fitting it to the right length!

3. Foam roller – Feeling sore when starting new exercise or pushing to new limits in inevitable, but your favorite CrossFitter can head it off with a good routine of rolling, stretching, and hydrating. A foam roller can help massage out tight muscles all over the body and while it isn’t always fun, the results often make it a CrossFitters new best friend (sorry, gift-giver). They sell these mobility tools all over the place and they come in a variety of styles, so here is both

a textured


a smooth

roller for you to pick between! You could always go a little crazy and get them this

full roller/massage kit

4. Hand protection – Developing tough hands is a part of the process when learning gymnastics and weightlifting movements. Palm protection can come in handy by preventing tears or cuts on your loved one’s hands that can slow his/her progress at the gym. These, again, have so many to choose from, but we’ve appreciated

Jerkfit WODies

for their simplicity in design and the customizable finger-openings. 

5. Shoes – Last, but certainly not least. The CrossFitter’s love of shoes is actually a running meme on Instagram, and they don’t lie. The fact is, though, you don’t need a series of shoes and you don’t need new ones all the time, but a solid pair of kicks is essential for working out comfortably and supporting your favourite CrossFitter’s body as it moves. This one might require a gift card or a shopping trip, but it will certainly be one of the most appreciated gifts of all. We’re Reebok lovers in this house, and have spent the majority of our CrossFit careers in a

Reebok Nano

of one style or another. We like the wide toes, grippy soles, and the fact that we can comfortably move in them through a series of movements. 

There you have it, folks! Your loved one’s journey into health and fitness gives you numerous opportunities to show them support and love, and gift-giving is just one of them!

The best gift that you give them each week is the time and financial margin to get in the gym and get to where they want to be with their health – all of this is just second best. 

(Oh, and we aren’t sponsored or compensated for any of these links, we just know what we like.)