Fitness 2.0

You’ll notice that we are making some exciting updates to our business and our brand!

If you look back on one of our

blog posts

from early June, we announced some changes to the way we would do business through and following the COVID shutdowns. 

What’s Changing and Why? 

We make the transition in June to offer our coaching services mainly online, with some personal training for those still close to us in the Lambton Shores area. Happily, we are back to training those people in our building and continue to coaching our wonderful at-home athletes at they pursue health and fitness from their own homes. 

Most obviously in current changes, our business name is now Shores Fitness & Nutrition. We decided to re-brand to ensure that the name of our business accurately reflects what we do and who we serve. We love living and working on the shores of Lake Huron, but with a transition to online coaching,

we can now train you no matter what shores you live on

! We are no longer geographically limited in who we can coach and inspire, and we wanted to ensure that that was clear. 

We do love our logo, though, and it was beautifully and thoughtfully created by

Blue Monster Creative

just last year. So maintaining some of our original moniker allowed us to keep that relevant, and for that we are grateful.

The removal of CrossFit from our name is one of the first changes we knew we’d make after deciding to go online, and honestly quite an emotional one for us. CrossFit is a methodology that we believe changes peoples’ health and lives. It is a community that we have been a part of for over 10 years and for which we have a deep love and commitment. CrossFit itself has had its’ share of growing pains and difficulty this year, along with many institutions. Our feelings toward the community and methodology of CrossFit are not defined by one man and his insensitive statements, they are defined by the life-changing results we have observed and experienced and the incredible and uplifting people that we have interacted with since 2008. 

We remain committed to helping people change their lives and we believe that CrossFit is a functional fitness approach that does that, but the name itself evokes the image of a physical space and group classes, and that’s no what we offer as a training option, so the removal of the name from our title simply makes sense.

Fitness 2.0


There are undoubtedly more changes to come in the weeks and months to come. For one, our beautiful building is

for sale

as it is too large a space for an online and personal training-based business. So, eventually, we’ll be relocating the physical aspect of our operation as well. 

Coaching and training individuals through the challenging and often bumpy road to health is a personal experience that takes investment from both the trainer and trainee. We work with people who are motivated to change their health and fitness because they want more good years of living a life they love. The 2.0 of our coaching journey is really about that. Our client list is capped at 20, when a year ago we thought we’d be leading a list of at least 100. Joel is either communicating with or preparing for our athletes nearly every day, rather than the 2 or 3 days a week that they attend classes at the gym. The approach in online coaching is personal, customized, and attentive – and we love it. 

The 2.0 of the Shores Fitness & Nutrition experience is about the thing we are absolutely passionate about – making healthy choices the rule, rather than the exception.

Lasting change happens in your health with consistent choices that bring you closer to your goals, coupled with encouragement and accountability. 

That can happen in your backyard or your garage, and it most definitely happens in your kitchen. If your approach to fitness has always been about checking off the “go to the gym” box, but you still don’t see the results you want, consider a new approach. One where you have a coach who listens to and plans for your goals, who checks-in, who knows when to push and when to let you rest, and who most certainly has your health and happiness as a top priority. 

There are a few spots open on our coaching docket and we’d love to chat about if our program is a good fit for your goals. Use the form below to contact us and we’ll reach out to connect!