The Family Food Makeover

We (Joel & Laura) are parents raising a family that cares for their bodies and makes the most of this one precious life that we have.

Our passion for helping parents and families arises from spending years inside the health and fitness sphere. As a result, we see how challenging it is for parents to care for themselves and raise healthy, knowledgeable kids in a fast-food world.

So, our mission is to help families create a legacy of good health that begins at home, around the dinner table, and on lots of adventures.

To aid in this mission, Shores Fitness & Nutrition is introducing the Family Food Makeover. This 8-week program is for parents that:

✔️ are ready to tackle picky eating habits
✔️ want fun ways to introduce healthy foods
✔️ need to develop healthy habits as a family

The Family Food Makeover offers parents resources and activities to help make healthy eating attainable as a family. In addition, personalized coaching will help you overcome challenges and ask questions that arise along the way.

Topics covered in the Family Food Makeover include:

  • Simple steps to healthier eating
  • Introducing new foods to kids
  • Overcoming pickiness
  • Eating a rainbow of fruits and veggies
  • Meal planning & prep
  • Packing nutritious lunch boxes
  • And more!

These practical resources are delivered simply so the Makeover doesn’t become one more thing to worry about for parents. Our pilot family for this program, the C.’s, say, “The most important thing about the FFM is that it isn’t a diet regimen made to food shame or guilt. It is about having freedom by establishing a healthy balance.”

The C. Family saw results like:

  • Kids choosing veggies for side dishes
  • Water chosen over juice
  • Young children understanding how nutritious foods help them
  • Heathly habits everyone in their family could stick with

To start your 8-week family journey, reach out to us and book a time to talk! We can’t wait to hear your #1 goal for your family’s habits so we can help you get started.

Email to book a time to chat.

We’ve found that a high predictor for achieving health and fitness goals is having some or all of your family members on the journey with you. If you struggle with getting your family on the same page at mealtimes, we’ve compiled a list of our top tips for achieving a not-so-extreme family food makeover.

Click the photo above to request our top, not-so-extreme tips for eating well as a family.