Digital Worker? End Your Day Feeling Better!

Who knew computer work could be so hard on your body?

If you are like me and spend a lot of working time on the computer each day, I know your (literal) pain! Back pain, neck strain – even my wrists get achy! I love working from home, but it often means that I get sucked into tasks and forget to take the breaks necessary to end the day feeling good. When I forget to move, stretch, and drink water throughout the day, I end it feeling sore, cranky, and battling a headache! 

Here are my top tips for ending the digital workday feeling fantastic (and being more productive, too): 

  1. Keep your water glass full, close, and accessible

    . Take regular sips! Sometimes I remember to do this after every email and on super busy days I have even set an alarm on my phone to remind me to drink!  

  2. Consider a glass over a large water bottle.

    The more you drink, the more quick walk-breaks you have to take to fill it up! 

  3. Speaking of walking

    – you would be amazed what a 10 minute walk can do to clear your head, improve your focus, and lift your mood. If you feel like you are reading the same sentence over and over again or typing incoherent sentences, try a quick walk instead of another coffee!

  4. Do you feel like you’re in a permanent hunch?

    Counteract the effects of sitting (and leaning toward the screen) by taking a stretch break or two. Here are three of my favorites:

    the wall hinge stretch

    for the upper back and shoulders,

    the knight stretch

    for hips and quads, and

    the cross behind the back stretch

    for the upper body and reminding your spine to straighten up! 

Stop finishing your day feeling bad! A few simple and smart choices throughout the day can mean ending the day happier and ready to spend the evening doing what you enjoy.

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