COMING JAN. 2021: The Pick-Your-Path 6 Week Challenge

We’ve all tried to get back on track with our health and fitness choices just to end up feeling overly-constrained, over-burdened, and overwhelmed. So, we stop actively pursuing fitness and hope for the best.

What are all of those attempts missing?


You need to stop running someone else’s gameplan and pick your own.

That’s what Pick-Your-Path is all about – getting customized coaching for the element(s) of health & fitness that you actually want to work on. Making choices and changes inside of your every day life in your home environment. Having your coach listen to you, guide you, check in with you, and hold you accountable. Then, you get to experience the results you are looking for.

Exciting, yeah?!

Let’s stop running someone else’s play and, instead, focus on your goals, your life, and your choices.


This 6-week challenge will begin in January 2021 and registration will open in mid-December. This highly-coached and customized challenge can be participated in from anywhere as it requires no attendance at our facility.

Cost will very depending on which of three paths you choose for the challenge:
– Nutrition Coaching Only
– At-Home Workouts Only
– Nutrition + At-Home Workouts

Spots will be extremely limited as each participant will receive customized coaching and attention from us – we want to give you our best so you can achieve yours.

Make sure you are on our email list by filling out the interest form here. We’ll keep you up-to-date as we release details and, most importantly, open registration.