Cheers to One Year!

After long weeks of demo, reno, and set-up, we opened our doors to our athletes for the first time one year ago.

We had a blast leading groups for three months and enjoyed the many that we got to meet and help start or continue their fitness journey.

Three months in, we pivoted to online and got quite familiar with Zoom. Group chats, Kids Online PE classes, and FaceTime personal training were never things we expected to do this year, but each found a place in helping us to continue to serve people and help them protect their health during a tumultuous time. We have never been more impressed by the ingenuity of our people to workout with what they had, where they were, and to do it with a smile.

And now we are one year later as Shores Fitness – delivering health and nutrition coaching services online, to anywhere in the world.

We meet in-person with local PT clients and virtually with anyone who needs guidance, coaching, and accountability to help them move from sick to well or fit to fitter. Thank you to each of you that contributed to our journey this year! You’ll always have a place in the story of this place and community.

Celebrations of our long-haul Founders are below!

Founder #4: Toby

We highlighted Toby’s strength in a post a few months ago and we love seeing that his work-ethic and commitment to caring for himself have lasted through at-home workouts, loads of responsibilities, and a busy harvest.

Over the last year we can’t help but be impressed with not only the weight he’s lost & the strength and stamina he’s gained – but most of all the heart and drive he brings to everything he does.

Founder #12 & 13: Vicky & Gerard

Vicky & Gerard have worked hard from the minute they set foot in the building last year. Since they transitioned to at-home workouts in March, they have continued to lean in to gaining better health, fitness, and mobility – all to ensure they can chase their grandkids, care for their home, and enjoy quality time together for years to come.

We went to visit them this Spring and couldn’t believe how spry and healthy they looked! They regale us with tales of moving wood and rocks, planting gardens, and we can’t help but be impressed with how far their hard work has brought them.

We could not be prouder of or more thankful for these two! And if you are looking for some inspiration to start your own journey, be sure to check out Laura’s interview with them from this spring.

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