Can You be “Too Old” to Start?

Fitness is training for life – at any age.

“I’m too old to join a gym!” We have heard it many times. So Laura decided to sit down with our in-house experts at CrossFit Lambton Shores, Vicky and Gerard, and hear their take on starting out with fitness in your 60’s. 

You’ll hear straight from them about their differing fitness and activity backgrounds throughout adulthood, and how they came to us last year injured and wary, but ready for a change. They will assure you that the mental battles that happen when you allow someone to lead you toward health are far more difficult than the physical ones (though those are pretty tough, too). They will talk about the challenges and the pleasant surprises, and how the last 6 months have changed the direction of these all-too-important years together. 

Watch the discussion below and enjoy them, we certainly do! 

If age or injury has been a barrier to your pursuit of health, it doesn’t have to be! If you think you have to spend lots of time in the gym or even meet with a trainer or coach in person to see positive changes happen in your health and life, we are all here to tell you those barriers only exist in your mind! You are never too old! 

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