3 Ways We’ll Get You Ready for Beach Season

You’ve been next to your pantry for months and now it’s summer!

There are about 10,000 memes floating around the web about the “Quarantine 15” or the “COVID 19,” or whatever name you can put on the fact that we’ve all be home, in close proximity to our refrigerators and pantries, bored and stressed, for months on end. Stay-at-home orders may have put a serious crimp in your summer shred plans, and you aren’t alone.

If even your sweatpants are feeling a smidgen tight, you may not be looking forward to swimsuit season, but you shouldn’t avoid it – the beaches are waiting for us! So we’re here to help with 3 ways our coaching program at CFLS will get you ready for beach season. 

  1. Weight loss

    – If you are holding onto a few excess pounds due to over-eating and under-exerting, our coaches will focus on the two things that will help: better food habits and more movement.

    Proper nutrition is key to a healthy body weight, and usually we know what we should and shouldn’t be eating – so why don’t we do it? Because we need a coach who we trust to teach us, help us apply simple and effective changes, and hold us accountable daily. Nutrition coaching is an essential part of your journey to happy & healthy anytime, but with beach season approaching, it is also the quickest way to see some results and feel better faster. 

    Going hand-in-hand with nutritional adjustments is increasing your daily movement. That might be a daily walk, a Couch to 5k plan to get you jogging, strength training, or CrossFit-style workouts. Whatever is right for you, your coach will help identify it, plan workouts to get you going, and check-in with you to make sure you’re moving safely and well. 

  2. Toning

    – It is amazing how good you can feel even before reaching a weight loss goal, as your body begins to firm and tighten from muscle gain. We’re not talking body-building style muscle here either, just the natural tightening that comes from regular use of both large and small muscle groups and the midline.

    Strength training is a regular part of our coaching program, starting with bodyweight style movements like push ups and sit ups and progressing to dumbbell and even barbell lifting. These workout styles, of course, depend on what equipment you have available to you and your current state of physical fitness and capabilities. That’s the great thing about having a personal coach! He or she will take the time to get to know you, your history, and your needs before creating workouts and making recommendations. 

    Whether you are moving your own body weight or a heavy object in your home, the development of toned muscles will help you feel ready to hit the sun and sand.

  3. Confidence

    – Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that hard work fits us all. When you know you’ve been working diligently to take care of your body, you develop a confidence that no swim suit can take away.

    Your coach will be consistently reminding you that you are worth the time and effort that good health take. That you can embrace challenges in workouts the same way that you take them on in life – one step (or rep) at a time. The tenacity that comes with doing hard things and overcoming is the best thing you can have to be ready for beach season – or anytime, really. 


 CAN head into summer feeling and looking your best, with our coaching as your guide. Don’t wait! Use the form below to get in touch and schedule your free, 30-minute No Sweat Intro call. We’ll listen to what you want to accomplish, help you set some goals, and set you on the track to happy & healthy for summer and beyond.