2020: Your Sweatiest Year Yet

The best form of exercise is the kind you can be consistent with. 

This week we are considering the third of 5 factors of health: Exercise. 

(We’ve already tackled sleep and nutrition, so go back and read those if you missed them the first time!)

I don’t think I have to convince you that exercise is important for your health. For both the young and the old, and everyone in between, a sedentary lifestyle does far more damage to your bones, muscles, organs, and waistline than intense exercise will. Beyond the fact that exercise is good for you, though, lies the fact that most people don’t enjoy it or avoid it completely. There is a myriad of reasons (excuses): time, seasons of life, medical history, laziness, and fear. 

You heard me – fear. We are afraid to get uncomfortable, to try something new, to look foolish, or to do something that doesn’t feel good in the moment even if it benefits us immensely long-term.

So with all that working against us, how do we find a routine that makes exercise a (relatively) enjoyable part of our daily life?

Finding What Works for You

The best form of exercise is the kind you can be consistent with. Many of us have experimented with
fitness regimes that we have not been able to maintain for any period of time. Don’t give up! We are going to evaluate your “failures”
to show us some often-overlooked information about what does and doesn’t work for you in the world of exercise.

Here are some ways to evaluate failed attempts at fitness, and try something different that may work
better for you or new things to consider:

If you have failed at working out alone or on your own


CONSIDER trying group classes of some

If you have failed when you don’t have accountability


CONSIDER recruiting a workout buddy who
is motivated to get healthy or work with a Personal Trainer

If you have failed at working out in the morning


CONSIDER trying evening workouts

If you dread exercise, it makes it a lot harder to go.


 Find something that makes you feel excited. To
do this, you have to be willing to try new things. 

Work on your mindset. Waiting to feel motivated means you will be sitting around for a long time.


Practice pushing yourself to workout when the true desire is not there. MOVEMENT creates
motivation. There is no way around this.



There’s no shame in fear, but there is victory in doing it anyway. The only way out is through.


Is there a gym/class/type of exercise that you have been curious about but too afraid to try? 

I challenge you to go find them on Facebook or their website right now, message/email them, and
ask to set up a time to go check it out. Get an appointment on the books and make it
Stop thinking about doing it and just do it. 

How do you start something new? Take the first step!

The concept of the 5 Factors of Health was coined by Ben Bergeron. 

This PDF was created as a self evaluation and goal setting tool by Rachael O’Donnell LCSW, LADC, CrossFit level 2 Trainer, and Pn1 Nutrition Coach.