12 days of Christmas workout

12 Days of Christmas Workout

If you have ever worked out with or been coached by us before, you’ve done some variation of our 12 Day of Christmas workout. This year, we’ve simplified and made it at-home friendly so that our community can join in from anywhere. All you need is one hand-weight like a dumbbell or jug filled with water, or you can do the whole workout with just your bodyweight!

All of our athletes will be tackling this workout at some point this week and we’ll be completing it ourselves on Wednesday, December 23. Maybe live on Facebook? We’ll see. Either way we’ll be sure to post more about it on our platforms, give you some tips, post photos and videos of Shores members completing the workout, and our scores so you can try to beat us. 

Here is this year’s 12 Days of Christmas Workout! No…it’s not one round…you complete this workout song-style. Beginning with 1 thruster, then 2 shoulder-to-overheads and 1 thruster, 3 hang cleans, 2 shoulder-to-overheads, and 1 thruster. Work through the list until your final round begins with 12 snatches and works back to the 1 thruster. Whew! It’s a mental and physical workout as you stay on track, listen to Christmas music (basically required), and enjoy getting your sweat on during the holidays.  

Stay tuned for workout tips from Joel for tackling this one with steady persistence.

If you follow along with us and complete this workout from home, be sure to post a photo of your favourite part of your smiling face at the end! Tag @shoresfitness and use the hashtag #merryfitmas so we can see all of your smiling faces.